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Monday 16 July 2007

Event: Warpstock 2007, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Board of Directors of Warpstock Corporation has spent much time in
deliberating the location for Warpstock 2007 based on the bids that were
submitted. We have finally reached a decision.

The Board of Directors of Warpstock Corporation is pleased to announce that
Warpstock 2007 will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The conference
will span four days, November 15 -18, 2007.

Warpstock will release a complete announcement with full details as soon as

Warpstock Corporation is a Virginia corporation. The Warpstock annual
conference is a gathering of OS/2 users, developers, and vendors from
around the world for the purpose of education and advocacy. More
information is available at the Warpstock web site:


Warpstock 2007 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada:
Warpstock Europe -

Monday 6 November 2006

Warpstock X Wrap-up Message

Warpstock 2006 was a success On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express our appreciation to all those who have made Warpstock 2006 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada a success. This appreciation extends to the Event Team lead by Edgar Scrutton, to the presenters, to the exhibitors, to those who donated items for the draw, to those who helped with sponsorships, and most of all, to the attendees. It requires the dedicated efforts of many volunteers to put on an event such as Warpstock and make it a success. How do we measure success? We measure success from the comments and support of those who attended. Yes, the financial balance is also important, but not as important as the fact that we have provided an interesting and informative event for our attendees. Where do we go from here? That is not an easy question to answer. The Board of Directors is planning a strategy to take the Organization into the future. We are open to input from past attendees and others who may have suggestions for future events and/or activities. If you have any ideas you care to share with the Board, please feel free to pass them along for our consideration. To leave your comments, please go to , sign in, and go to the Forums and leave a message in the 'Note to the Board' forum. John W. Edwards. President, Warpstock Corporation