From: Walter Meinl <>

I'm glad to announce that we are back again with these extensions at the
respective homepages for download
updated to 0.95.2, it's not only for Thunderbird 2.0.0.x but also for
Seamonkey 1.1.x libc05 versions for the official builds and 0.63 versions
for Peters unofficial builds.

"Enigmail is an extension to the mail client of Mozilla Thunderbird and
Mozilla Seamonkey which allows users to access the authentication and
encryption features provided by GnuPG (see screenshots ). Enigmail is open source and
dually-licensed under the GNU General Public License and the Mozilla Public
License. "

The same versioning scheme for lightning-0.5 (available only for TB)
I'll take care for the future of these 2 extensions, Have fun and report
regressions here please

"Lightning brings the Sunbird calendar to the popular email client, Mozilla //
Thunderbird. Since it's an extension, Lightning is tightly integrated with
Thunderbird, allowing it to easily perform email-related calendaring tasks."