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Friday 21 December 2007

Mozilla's Firefox 3.0b2 (Official) for OS/2 has been released

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From: Sander Nyman <>

Mozilla's Firefox 3.0b2 (Official) for OS/2 has been released. This is a
BETA release of Firefox 3, the next generation browser based on Mozilla's
Gecko 1.9 platform. It should be used for testing and feedback purposes
only. Take a moment to review the information and suggestions in the
README.TXT file included in the archive. Some Extensions (Add-ons) may not
yet be updated to work with Firefox 3. If you are looking to add new
Extensions, you can check the Add-ons site using the link below to see if
they are compatible with version 3.

You can download it here:

NOTE: This release requires the C runtime DLLs from Innotek. In the
unlikely event that you do not already have version 0.6.3 installed, it is
available with an installer here:

NOTE: This release requires IPLUGINW.DLL to use the Java and Flash
plugins. Available here:
or here:

NOTE: To have both Firefox, & Thunderbird in use at the same time (or ANY
other Mozilla app) they *MUST* be at the SAME version level, or a
mismatched DLL will still be in memory when you attempt to start a second
Mozilla based program. The easiest way to get around this limitation, and
use DIFFERENT version levels of Firefox, Thunderbird, Kompozer, etc., is
with Rich Walsh's Run! utility. It is tiny, and VERY easy to set up. To
make life even easier, I HIGHLY recommend that you download & use the
Internet Application Integration utility from Chuck McKinnis, which
actually contains the Run! utility, and sets it up for you, along with
coordinating your web browser with your email client for "mailto" links,
etc. You can find it here:

Or, if you'd rather do it yourself, here is the Run! utility:

Firefox extensions (add-ons) that add new functionality are available here:

Firefox themes (skins) are available here:

For release notes, and a list of new features, follow this link:

The official Warpzilla homepage can be found here:

If you have questions, or just want the latest, greatest tips for Firefox,
Thunderbird, & Seamonkey, Steve Wendt's excellent "Tips For Warpzilla" page
can be found here:

For Firefox "Tips & Tricks", see:

And finally, if you still have questions, or just want to participate in a
Mozilla for OS/2 discussion forum, the Warpzilla newsgroup can be found here:




Thursday 11 January 2007

Mozilla, Firefox y Thunderbird para eCS y OS/2, actualizados, versiones PM y oficiales

El Equipo Warpzilla (Neil Waldacher) ha publicado varias actualizaciones de seguridad: Seamonkey 1.0.7, Firefox, Firefox, y Thunderbird están disponibles. SeaMonkey es una continuación de la Suite Mozilla, que fue abandonada por la Mozilla Foundation. Firefox es un n navegador separado, y Thunderbird es un cliente de correo / news, ambos basados en código Mozilla. Ved Warpzilla tips page para más información.

Firefox version 3.0 alpha 1 (aka Gran Paradiso) y TThunderbird version 2.0 beta 1 han sido publicados (1/4/2007). The Thunderbird roadmap tiene información de planes de nuevas verisones; 2.0 está previsto para Q1 2007, y 3.0 para mediados de 2007.

Peter Weilbacher ha publicado (12/24/2006) una compilación no oficial de Seamonkey 1.1 beta (build 4) que añade soporte de: high memory, MNG/JNG, SVG y Canvas, las mejoras de WPS de Rich Walsh, EA URL tagging de descargas, y mucho más. Hay también compilaciones no oficiales de Firefox, Thunderbird 2.0 beta (build 2), Seamonkey 1.0.7, Firefox, y Thunderbird