From: Dale Erwin <>

Not too many people these days are very keen on Assembly Language as a
viable development tool. When I was a mainframe programmer, specializing
in 370 Assembler, I heard all the same arguments against it about how much
more productive one could be in a high level language, but I never agreed
with them.

Don't you think anyone who could deliver a product that occupies 60MB as
compared to an equivalent product developed in a high level language that
occupies 600 MB, and in addition executed everything much faster that the
bloated app, could be competitive? How many times have I heard people
complain about how slow OOo and Mozilla apps are?

I have created a new yahoo group for anyone who wants to collaborate on the
problems of programming in Assembly Language under eCS and OS/2. I hope
that anyone interested in learning to program in Assembly Language will
join me in this group. It would also be greatly appreciated if anyone who
has any experience in it would also join us to give us some insight. It's
open to anyone who wants to join: