From: Rich Walsh <>

New versions of my ini maintenance utilities, Iconomize and FPos (v0.80)
are now available. Both are maintenance updates that take advantage of the
improved stability and reliability provided by the latest release of Remote
Workplace Server, RWS08.

Have you ever wondered why checkini reports "folder position for non-folder
object"? Have you ever wondered what all those entries under
PM_Workplace:FolderPos were for? FPos answers these questions. Once you
know what theu do, you'll probably want to delete most of them. Using FPos
to clean up this entry can reduce the size of your os2.ini quite considerably.

This unique tool lets you eliminate the single largest source of bloat in
os2.ini: duplicate icon data. If you haven't used it before, running
Iconomize just once can reduce the size of your os2.ini anywhere from 10%
to 25%.

You can get these freeware utils from hobbes:

or from: