Hello all,

before sending out the offical announcement:

eComStation 2.0 RC1 is available to eDG members via your download page at www.ecomstation.com (or under Software Subscription Services at Mensys).

From whatsnew.txt:

New Features:

  • Added ACPI Wizard that will detect system features and can be used to install ACPI and kernel options
  • Added TZ update for Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition - US DST timezone tool
  • Split up netlabs (kLIBC) and innotek (Odin Runtime) libraries, are now  installed with WarpIn
  • Added support for the eComStation Installation Framework. Will always be installed. (XULrunner)
  • Added logic to load TESTCFG2.SYS when ACPI is selected, prevents hangs on certain configurations
  • Added english helpfile to accomodate checkdisk help button
  • Added 47 NIC devices to the hw detect engine, like nForce and Broadcom  (mainly GenMac)
  • New bootlogo and desktopbackground, reflecting "RC1" status

Updated Applications:

  • Updated USBDock to 20070504 release
  • Updated WarpIn to version 1.0.15
  • New versions of UPDTBMGR, MINILVM
  • Updated ZIP to 2.32
  • Replaced outdated ArcView 1.2 helpfile with the one of ArcView 2.0
  • Updated eWorkPlace to 1.0.8
  • Updated Firefox to version
  • Updated Thunderbird to version
  • Updated UniClip 0.2.2
  • Updated Cairo to 1.2.4 and DSSaver to 1.7.5
  • Updated Dani IDE drivers from 1.7.7 to 1.7.10
  • Updated non-SMP (W4, not UNI) kernel to 14.104a
  • Updated SMP kernel to 14.104a
  • Updated firewall utility to version 1.2.4
  • Updated NewView to 2.19
  • Updated NewView en_us helpfile to 2.19

Fixes since the previous beta release:

  • Updated PMMERGE.DLL and symbol files to 14.106 (APAR PJ31908)
  • IBM APAR PJ31319 (SYS3184 in PMCTLS.DLL)
  • IBM APAR PJ30811 (Trap in FTPD)
  • IBM APAR PJ30821 (Error in TELNET)
  • Updated syslevel.bdd to bdd fp3
  • Fix modal problem of status window of PMFormat (in installer)
  • Some applications (EPM amongst others) weren't installed in Beta 4
  • 'Advanced' button in Screen properties notebook now works
  • Opteron CPU now supported in SMP mode
  • 4OS2 windows now open a new session, defaults to root of bootdrive
  • Improved layout and wording of Preboot Disk Integrity check messages

Updated / added drivers:

  • updated DANI tools to 1.7.10 level
  • updated DANIS506.DOC to 1.7.10
  • added ACPI package 2.22, can be manually selected in preboot menu
  • Updated ACPI and APM support to 26/05/2007 version
  • Added 47 NIC devices to the hw detect engine, like nForce and Broadcom
  •   (mainly GenMac)
  • UDF 2.16
  • IBM APAR PJ30964 (UDF.IFS update)
  • IBM1S506.ADD 10.161 (was 10.152)
  • Intel SpeedStep(R) (APM) 10.163 (was 10.156)
  • IBM Single Mouse driver 10.163 (was 10.152)
  • KBDBASE.SYS to 10.070 (was 10.056)
  • Updated IBM1S506.ADD to 10.161
  • Updated OS2CDROM.DMD to 10.163

Kind regards / met vriendelijke groet,

Joachim Benjamins