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We are happy to announce that we can publish the first rough schedule for the Developers Workshop 2007 today. The schedule is available online at: Here is the list of presentations:
  • Introduction to NOM (Netlabs Object Model) by Chris Wohlgemuth
  • Utilizing Multi-Core Processors by Keith Merrington
  • The Voyager Project: Where Are We Now? by Adrian Gschwend
  • A Freely Programmable USB-Interface for eCS - Focussing on the DLP-USB245M
  • by Uwe Hinz
  • How to create popular software products for eComStation by Eugene Gorbunoff
  • eComStation User Interface by Eugene Gorbunoff
  • Managing Program Resources by Christian Langanke
  • VirtualBox by Adrian Gschwend
As you can see, we still have three free slots. We are talking with developers to fill these slots. If you want to propose a presentation, simply contact us at the email address listed below.

More Information:

The workshop is a good chance to talk to other developers as well as share your ideas. eCo Software has published a list with additional arguments that may help you make up your mind whether to attend the workshop or not. Here is the link:


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