6/6/2007 -PMView Pro v3.50 is now available for download.

Version 3.50 now Available - Click here to go to the download page

The following features are new in PMView v3.50:

  1. The options notebook has a new option on the "Loading" page. It lets you redirect loading into an existing PMView window instead of creating a new window every time PMView is launched from the shell, from the command line, or from a third party application.
  2. There is a new command line flag /NewInstance that can be used in conjunction with the new loading option in order to further personalize PMView.

The following bugs and problems are fixed in PMView v3.50:

  1. Loading, IFF: IFF files of subtype ACBM with a BODY chunk cause PMView to crash. (This bug was caused by the addition of the ACBM format in v3.10).
  2. The /SingleInstance command line flag does not work as expected. The target window is not activated (not given focus).
  3. Full Screen Mode (F3) does not work and results in a black screen. This problem only occurs when some very specific custom settings are used in PMView.
  4. Screen Capture: Due to problems with the OS/2 API DosLoadModule, capturing with HotKey may be flakey. On some systems the problem may cause the machine to crash or freeze and on other systems it may only result in minor problems like the PMView windows not being hidden. PMView v3.50 works around the problem by passing only the file name to DosLoadModule. (Previous versions pass the full path to the DLL which may trigger the OS/2 bug).